Junior Tigers
Ages 4 - 7years

Building Self Confidence, Focus , Discipline and Respect
In a fun, family enviroment

Strong Kids make Strong Adults

This class is designed to help our youngest students by:
Increasing Focus;
Build Confidence in themselves;
Increase Strength, balance and coordination;
Develop Self Discipline.
Each class will focus on the following:
Physical Activity to help develop Strength and Flexibility;
Basic Techniques to improve full body coordination;
Empty Hand Forms ( Kata) to improve focus and memory;
Sparring to develop Hand-Eye coordination;

Repetition, combined with fun, will ensure your child learns karate while building confidence.  Students of the Junior Tigers class will receive the same training as our other students and will be trained to complete the same requirements for advancement in belts.

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  1. Sunday 5 - 6 pm
    Junior Tigers Ages 4 -7
    Class for all levels ages 4 -7.