At Jishin Martial Arts we believe in teaching our students the basics of traditional Shotokan karate. With our motto, Strong Mind Strong Body Strong Spirit, we believe in developing all aspects of our students. We focus on building well rounded students that will rise to any challenge life may give them.

 Jishin translates as confidence in oneself. We believe that through our positive coaching, feed back and one on one approach we can teach our students to believe in themselves. We believe everyone has with in themselves the ability to do great things.

Jishin Martial Arts also travels to various tournaments through out Western Canada to provide our students the opporunity to compete against other martial artists and styles. These competitions are designed to ensure a safe, posititve enviroment for our students to test what they have learned. It is also an opportunity to see other styles and philosphies in actions. Student will meet and become friends with others. These friendships often last their entire life.
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Our Instructor

Sensei Corey started training in 1983 in Weyburn Sask under Master Harold Vilcu. Sensei Corey has competed and won in tournaments all across western Canada. His philosphy of developing martial artists is based on bringing out the strengths of each individual student. No two people are the same and everyone learns differently. He believes in helping students reach thier potential through working with them to find what works for them. By developing them this way they realize that they can do anything they want to. A strong sense of tradition is balanced by the realization that change and progression is needed to ensure what he teaches is relevant, practical and effective. To this end, he as incorporated other disciplines into his teaching. Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing and weapons are all part of what Jishin teaches. We believe every student must be well rounded.

Corey Pickering
Head Instructor
5th Dan
Our Dojo
Our Facility is dedicated to Martial Arts. We have approximately 1000 square feet of laminate floor that we train on. In addition we have mirrors on one full wall to assist in our training.  We also have a variety of pads, targets, and sparring equipment that we use in our training.